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Is It Cheaper to Buy Disneyland Tickets at Costco?

Since a Disneyland trip can cost quite a lot, everyone wants to know where they can find some great deals. 

And buying through Costco is an excellent way to save money on your Disneyland vacation. 

When it comes to whether Disneyland tickets are cheaper at Costco, the answer is a yes and a no. Costco no longer sells Disneyland tickets by themselves. Instead, you have to buy them as part of a bundle. Yet, a Costco Disneyland package can save you quite a bit of money. 

Can I Get Discounted Disneyland Tickets at Costco?

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I mean, technically, yes, you can get discounted Disneyland tickets at Costco. 

However, the discounts are no longer as simple as if you buy a particular ticket, you’ll save X amount of money. 

You should also be aware that you can’t buy park tickets by themselves at Costco anymore. 

Instead, you have to purchase a Disneyland trip bundle, where you get a hotel stay, tickets, and some extra perks. 

And when you buy these packages, you sometimes get extra savings on both hotels and park tickets, depending on what deals Costco offers at the time of your trip. 

How Much Will I Save When I Buy Disneyland Tickets Through Costco?

Well, the amount you’ll save on your tickets really depends on Costco’s current deals and the type of vacation bundle you want to buy. 

Yet, as of the moment, Costco is not advertising any bundles that specifically have discounted Disneyland tickets. 

However, Costco is constantly changing what deals they have available, and since Costco has sold discounted tickets in the past, many people are hoping they’ll bring them back. 

As of right now, though, only time will tell. 

What Disneyland Vacation Deals Does Costco Have in 2022?

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In 2022, Costco is selling three different vacation packages, which all offer deals to varying extents. 

So, let’s go through Costco’s current bundles to see which one is right for you. 

Disneyland Resort Hotels Package 

The Disneyland Resort Hotels Package’s best deal has to do with the Disney gift card you will receive as part of your bundle.  

Overall, the amount you will get on your Disney gift card depends on how long you stay at the Disneyland Resort. 

If you stay an entire week at Disneyland, you will get a $245 Disney gift card, while if you visit for two to four nights, you get a $185 gift card. 

These extra gift cards can help you buy items on your trip that you couldn’t have purchased otherwise. 

You’ll also get a Magical Extras Savings eVoucher, which you can use to save money on select items and meals in the Downtown Disney District. 

Plus, all guests over three years old will receive a Disney pin and lanyard. 

Additionally, accommodations at an on-site Disneyland hotel and Park Hopper eTickets are a part of this bundle. 

Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels Package 

The Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels Package is quite similar to the Disneyland Resort Hotels Package. 

The main pull of this bundle is that it comes with a $145 Disney gift card. 

You also get a Magical Extras Savings eVoucher with each hotel room you book and Disney pins and lanyards for every person in your party who is over two years old. 

Furthermore, this package includes Park Hopper eTickets and accommodations at a participating off-site hotel. 

Disneyland Resort Hotels Spectacular Spring Package 

Costco’s 2022 spring hotel bundle gives you everything you will find in the standard Disneyland Resort Hotels Package, except with the added bonus of discounts on hotel stays. 

You will get the most significant savings when you choose to stay at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, where you’ll receive a 25% discount on select rooms. 

Meanwhile, you can also get 20% off select rooms at the Disneyland Hotel and 10% off certain rooms at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. 

Are Costco’s Disneyland Travel Packages Worth It?

Costco’s Disneyland travel packages are definitely worth it since you can score some pretty big savings on your trip when you choose one of these bundles. 

And even though you don’t receive discounted tickets with any of Costco’s current deals, you can still get Disney gift cards, extra savings on dining and merchandise, and cheaper hotel stays. 

Basically, with virtually any Costco Disneyland package, you will save more than $100 on your vacation. 

In some cases, you can even save several hundred dollars. 

How Can I Just Get Discounted Disneyland Tickets?

If you aren’t looking for a whole vacation package, it can be rather disappointing to find out Costco no longer sells cheap Disneyland tickets on their own. 

But, don’t get stressed because I’m glad to say that there are other ways to get discounts on Disneyland tickets. 

Buy Cheap Disney Gift Cards 

Multiple Disney Gift Cards displayed for sale on a rack

Did you know that you can pay for Disneyland tickets online with Disney gift cards?

And there are a few ways to get those gift cards at a discount. 

If you’re a member of BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club, or Target, you can purchase Disney gift cards at 2% to 5% off their regular price. 

Then, you just need to enter the gift card’s information when you buy your Disneyland tickets online to utilize your savings. 

Ticket Offers From Disneyland 

Another way to save on Disneyland tickets is to check the special offers on Disneyland.com. 

Now, these offers change all the time, but one of the discounts that Disney virtually always has active is the one for current military members. 

So, if you are an eligible military member, you can get Disneyland tickets at a reduced price as long as you have your military ID. 

But, if you aren’t a service member, you can still look at Disneyland’s deals every now and then to see if they are offering any reduced tickets. 

Get Discounted Disneyland Tickets Through AAA

Currently, if you are a AAA (American Automobile Association) member, you can save up to $35 on multiday Disneyland tickets. 

You can buy your tickets here


Unfortunately, Costco does not offer discounted Disneyland tickets. 

Yet, you can still save money when you buy Disneyland vacation packages through Costco, sometimes as much as several hundred dollars.