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Does Disneyland Accept Apple Pay? (Updated 2023)

If Apple Pay is your favorite way to pay for your purchases, you may be anxious about whether you can use it on your Disneyland trip. 

Well, rest assured that Disneyland does accept Apple Pay for most payments in the park. You can use Apple Pay at just about any store or restaurant in Disneyland, and you can use this payment method at most of the establishments in the Downtown Disney District. 

Can I Use Apple Pay When I Visit Disneyland?

Person using a mobile payment service to complete a transaction

You can use Apple Pay at most establishments in Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District. 

However, not all places in Disneyland accept Apple Pay, so it’s probably best to bring other types of payment, such as a debit or credit card and cash, with you on your trip. 

And because the rules for using Apple Pay aren’t universal across the park, let’s take an in-depth look at what you can buy with Apple Pay when you’re at the Disneyland Resort. 

Can I Use Apple Pay for Food at Disneyland?

You have many options for buying food in Disneyland, and whether you can pay with Apple Pay entirely depends on which restaurant you have chosen. 

But, there are some general payment rules that I can give you concerning different places to eat. 

For instance, if you are buying a meal at one of Disneyland’s Quick-Service eateries, you can almost always pay with Apple Pay. 

The majority of kiosks also accept Apple Pay, but you should be aware that most kiosks in Disneyland are independent companies, so what payments they take vary widely. 

Conversely, when it comes to Table-Service restaurants, almost none accept Apple Pay. 

Can I Use Apple Pay at Disneyland Stores?

You’ll be glad to know that you can use Apple Pay to pay for merchandise at just about every retail store inside the Disneyland Resort. 

However, as stated above, you should always have another form of payment in case a particular establishment can not take Apple Pay. 

Can I Buy Disneyland Tickets On-Site With Apple Pay?

Currently, you can not purchase Disneyland tickets on-site with Apple Pay. 

Can I Buy Disneyland Tickets Online With Apple Pay?

Person holding a wallet containing multiple different credit cards

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can not purchase tickets online with Apple Pay. 

Instead, you must use one of the following payment methods: 

  • MasterCard 
  • Visa 
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Disney Gift Card 
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)
  • Diners Club Card 
  • Disney Rewards Dollars 
  • Disney Visa Card 

How Do I Add Apple Pay to My Disney App Account?

For now, you can not just add Apple Pay to the My Disney Experience or Disneyland apps. 

However, you can use Apple Pay to purchase specific items on Disney’s apps. 

How to Pay for Online Food Orders With Apple Pay

Although you can not save Apple Pay as a payment method, you can order and pre-pay for food over the Disneyland mobile app with Apple Pay. 

But, just remember that not all dining locations allow you to order on the app. 

Typically, you can only pre-order and pay for food at Disneyland with the app if the establishment is a Quick-Service restaurant. 

To order and pay for food with Apple Pay on Disney’s app, you just need to: 

  • Open the Disneyland app
  • Choose the “+” in the bottom center of your screen
  • Pick “Order Food”
  • Select your preferred restaurant and when you will arrive 
  • Choose from the menu 
  • Review the details of your order 
  • Pay with Apple Pay 

And don’t forget that if you are a Disney Vacation Club Member or a Magic Key holder, you can apply a discount to your order before paying. 

If you aren’t sure how to add your discount, read the instructions here

How to Pay for On-Site Merchandise With Apple Pay 

Disneyland has begun to offer a new way to pay for merchandise, which makes it so you can checkout of an on-site Disneyland store entirely on your phone. 

And to do this, all you need is the Disneyland app and a mobile device with a built-in camera. 

Simply put, to pay for items at an on-site Disneyland store with Apple Pay, you just have to: 

  • Pick out the items you want to buy 
  • Open the Disneyland app 
  • Select the “+” at the bottom center of your screen 
  • Pick the option for merchandise mobile checkout 
  • Scan the barcodes of all of your items with your phone’s camera 
  • Select “Check Out” 
  • Pay with Apple Pay 
  • Show the QR code to a store employee before you leave 

You will then receive an email containing your receipt. 

Should I Use Apple Pay at Disneyland?

Person using a mobile payment service to pay at a cafe

Using Apple Pay is fast and easy, and that’s why so many people swear by it. 

Plus, Apple Pay makes it so that you don’t have to pull out your card whenever you make a purchase. 

This factor makes it harder for someone to steal your information, and you will be less likely to lose your card. 

However, as you can see, you can’t pay for everything in Disneyland with Apple Pay. 

So, even though Apple Pay is a great option when you can use it, it’s not always possible to pay for items this way. 

But, you can remedy this problem by using other payment methods when Apple Pay is unavailable. 

Can I Add a MagicMobile Pass to My Apple Wallet?

In March 2021, Disney announced that they would set up MagicMobile so that guests could easily access MagicBand features from their phones. 

It’s a convenient way to pay, and, thankfully, you can totally add MagicMobile to your Apple Wallet

But, as of right now, only the Walt Disney World Resort lets guests use MagicMobile. 

Thus, like with many of Disney’s new innovations, those who prefer other Disney parks will have to wait until MagicMobile has had its trial run in Florida before there’s a chance that Disney will start using it elsewhere. 


Disneyland does allow guests to use Apple Pay for many different items throughout the park. 

However, there are still many establishments in Disneyland that do not take this form of payment. 

Therefore, you will definitely need either cash or a credit or debit card to ensure you can pay for everything when you’re in the resort.