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Does Disney World Have Water Bottle Refill Stations?

Disneyworld, located in Florida, is hot and humid throughout the year.

So if you’re planning a visit this year, one of the most important things will be staying hydrated so you can enjoy the park to the fullest.

But first, you’ll need to know if there are water stations available so we’ve looked at the park’s options for you. 

Thankfully, there are numerous water bottle refill stations strategically placed throughout the parks to ensure you stay hydrated as you enjoy the various attractions available there.

What is a water refill station?

Person holding a clear water bottle using two fingers

As its name suggests, a water refill station enables you to refill any type of water bottle. 

Free of cost and as hygienic as can be, the water refill stations work more efficiently than water fountains.

With water fountains, you’d have to tilt your bottle at an awkward angle to ensure it fits under the fountain.

With refill stations, things are much more convenient. When you reach the water refill station, you’ll find an outline of a bottle on the front side of the dispenser. 

Then, you need to align your bottle to the outline. 

Upon doing so, a sensor detects your bottle and sends a single stream of water into the mouth of your water bottle, which means that no part of the hydration station touches your bottle.

Where can you find the water bottle refill stations?

The last time I checked, there were four water refill stations in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, two at Epcot, and one in Magic Kingdom.

Additionally, Disney World Resort hotels and numerous sports facilities such as the tennis courts in Boardwalk resort, the main pool in Saratoga Springs, and the Yacht Club Convention Center have water bottle refill stations as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more stations as new ones keep popping up on a regular basis.

Water refill stations in Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom, you’ll find the water bottle refill stations near the stand-by-queue areas for Expedition Everest, Flight of Passage, and Na’vi River Journey.

Bear in mind that the refill stations near the stand-by-queue areas are often only accessible to visitors waiting in line.

So, do check with the authorities before wasting your time there. You’ll also find a refill station at Jambo House playground.

Water refill stations in Hollywood Studios

People riding on a roller coaster based on the Toy Story franchise

If you’re looking to refill your water bottle and hydrate yourself in Hollywood Studios, visit the stand-by-queue area for Slinky Dog Dash or restrooms in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

You’ll also find a water bottle refill station conveniently placed towards the exit area of Smugglers Run and at the transportation plaza outside the park.

Water refill stations in Epcot

While at Epcot, you can search for water refill stations at Epcot Experience and Odyssey Events Center.

There’s one near the restrooms near Starbucks (World Showcase) too.

Water refill station in Magic Kingdom

There is one water refill station in Magic Kingdom; the one operational station is at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.

Is Water Dispensed from Stations Safe for Drinking?

The water refill stations only discharge filtered water and as such, are perfectly hygienic and safe for drinking. 

Plus, as mentioned earlier, no part of the water station actually touches your bottle.

However, I’ll admit that the water can have a rather distinct taste, especially to people not from central Florida. 

If you’re worried about this taste, consider purchasing water flavor packets to add a more recognizable/pleasant flavor to your water. 

Do Water Refill Stations Dispense Icy-Cold Water?

Unfortunately, the refill stations in Disney World don’t dispense ice-cold water. What they do dispense is cool water, which should be fine, considering it’s free.

If you aren’t satisfied with cool water, you can ask for a cup of ice from the nearest quick service restaurant and dump it into your water bottle.

Why Use the Water Refill Stations at Disney World?

Woman drinking from a clear water bottle

First of all, using the water refill stations at Disney World, as opposed to purchasing bottled water, is much, much cheaper.

Bottled water at Disney World costs around $3.50. 

So, if you’re a family of four, with each member requiring 4 bottles a day, you’d be spending $56 every day on bottled water alone!

Wouldn’t you agree that the money could be better spent on merchandise and souvenirs instead?

Most importantly, refilling your water bottle, instead of purchasing disposable bottled water, is an environmentally-friendly thing to do.

Can you imagine the waste Disney World would be collecting and dumping into the landfills and oceans if all Disney visitors were to guzzle water only out of disposable water bottles?

I also like the fact that the water stations at Disney World keep a count of plastic bottles saved. 

So, every time you refill a bottle, the station adds a plastic bottle saved to its tally. Seeing the count could restore your faith in humanity.


There’s no reason you shouldn’t use the water refill stations at Disney World. After all, they are clean, convenient, and only dispense filtered water.

Granted, they don’t dispense ice-cold water, but that can be remedied quickly. 

You’d only need to dump the free ice available in the nearest quick service restaurant into your water bottle.

And, to counter the distinct, unfamiliar taste of the filtered water, you can always add flavors to your water.