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Can You Get Disney World Tickets at Costco?

Aside from Disney’s website, there are several places to buy tickets to Disney World.

While you can’t buy individual theme park tickets everywhere, vacation and tour companies offer vacation packages that include park tickets.

Packages can be bought from companies like airlines, wholesalers, or tour groups. 

You can not purchase individual Disney World theme park tickets at Costco, however, you can purchase vacation packages that include a multi-day ticket, hotel stay, and additional perks. This is available only to Costco members, prices are subject to change, and some terms do apply. 

Costco Disney Vacation Packages

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The only way to purchase Disney tickets through Costco is through a Costco Disney World vacation package

Costco members can use their membership to search through vacation bundles for a variety of theme parks, including Disney World and Disneyland.

Vacation bundles are subject to change, but generally, Costco allows members to purchase packages that include a 5-day, park hopper Disney theme park ticket. 

Aside from the park tickets, vacation packages include guests’ hotel stay and can include a few other benefits like discounts on dining, integral Fast Passes, or resort amenities. 

Packages can be either on-site or off-site. This allows guests to choose whether or not they wish to stay inside the Disney resort or at a nearby hotel. 

In 2022 there are four vacation packages available for purchase:

  • Walt Disney World On-Site Promotional Package
  • Walt Disney World Resort On-Site Collection
  • Swan and Dolphin Resort Package with Walt Disney World tickets
  • Various Good Neighbor Walt Disney World Packages

Each includes tickets and hotel stays, with additional benefits like room upgrades or resort access, depending on the package you purchase.

There are plenty of booking sites to get tickets, so it begs the question of whether Costco is a good place to purchase Disney World tickets. 

Buying vacation packages makes planning a vacation much easier. Bundling hotels and theme park tickets together not only saves money but also makes the process easier. 

Guests won’t need to keep up with multiple reservations through different third parties or get their email slammed with notifications. 

The savings on the packages are also pretty good. Costco mirrors deals released by Disney World and can sometimes run specials of their own at the same time. 

The downside of buying at Costco is that you can’t customize your vacation bundle. 

If you want more park days you’ll have to buy separate tickets, the hotel choices are limited, and the trip duration is determined by the package.

Overall, Costco is as good a place as any to buy tickets, as long as buying a vacation package works for you. 

Do Disney Vacation Packages Include Airfare?

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Some Disney vacation packages will include airfare, but it isn’t always included in the package. 

Booking a Disney resort vacation package through someone like Delta is an advantage because of this. 

Your package will include roundtrip airfare, your hotel stay, and theme park tickets. The only thing left to figure out is food and getting around the parks. 

Booking an all-inclusive package like this that includes airfare can take a lot of worry out of the trip and make it incredibly convenient to go on vacation. 

Remember to read all the terms of your vacation package and shop around to make sure you purchase one that includes everything you need. 

How Far Out Can You Book Disney?

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It’s best to book your Disney vacation as far out as possible, but Disney currently does have some limitations on how far out you can book tickets. 

For resort stays, guests can book packages up to 499 days in advance. This can give guests a huge amount of wiggle room and time to plan. 

The theme parks at Disney World are now requiring guests to make reservations for the days they will enter the parks, mostly due to pandemic regulations.

Theme park reservations are separate from ticket purchases and to enter parks guests must have both their tickets for the appropriate date and a reservation for the park.

Reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance. Special events like holidays require guests to purchase special event tickets. 

These go on sale as soon as Disney announces the official dates for the events and are sold in limited quantities. 

Is Disney Genie Plus Worth it?

Genie Plus is a paid service that allows Disney guests to use expedited lines for participating rides and attractions at Disney theme parks. 

Instead of going into the normal entrance for rides, guests can use Lightning Lane, which will have a much shorter wait time. 

The service is meant to replace the old Fast Pass system, allowing guests to reserve a one-hour slot to get onto the ride of their choosing. 

You can hold multiple slots at one time, but once a selection is made it can not be modified. 

Guests can not reserve their spot for a time of their choosing, instead, the system places them in the earliest available time slot. 

Genie Plus reservations can only be made for each ride once per day. To enjoy the ride after their first trip, guests will need to use the normal standby line. 

In addition to the shorter queue, access to Genie Plus gives guests the ability to use a Disney AR filter on their smartphone and an audio guide to listen to while waiting in lines. 

The service costs $15 per person, per day. Over 40 rides are eligible for Genie Plus, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Soarin’ Around the World, and Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster.


Costco does not sell individual Disney World tickets, only vacation packages. 

These packages are a great option for people who want a convenient way to visit the parks and find good deals on tickets and hotels for their vacation. 

The best place to buy individual park tickets is on Disney’s website. That way, you can be sure the tickets you buy are legitimate and get in on any specials that Disney runs.