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Are Disney MagicBands Waterproof?

Disney World is constantly introducing new ways to make the magic easier to enjoy. 

With guest convenience in mind, they’ve improved accessibility, the queue system, and the ticketing process – they’ve even updated their signature accessory, the Disney MagicBand. 

MagicBands and the new MagicBand+ connect to the My Disney Experience app, storing park tickets, payment information, and much more.

With all this information wrapped around your wrist, navigating Disney World is a piece of cake.

Luckily, MagicBands and MagicBand+ are waterproof, so they can be worn on water rides and through rain storms. These bands are also customizable, and Annual Passholders receive access to exclusive designs. Unlike the standard MagicBand, MagicBand+ also has a rechargeable battery making them extra convenient and built to wear all day.

This article discusses the benefits, uses, and specs of Disney’s famous MagicBands.

What Are MagicBands?

Pink Disney Magic Band on a white table

MagicBands and MagicBands+ are wearable devices available for purchase at Disney World. 

Disney visitors can find them at select retail locations throughout the parks or near any Disney Resort. 

These enchanting, reusable, and customizable wristbands connect to the My Disney Experience app, allowing guests to use them instead of traditional tickets or passes. 

The bands come in various themes and usually feature a Disney memento where a watch face would normally be.

What Are MagicBands Used For?

Before using the device, guests must link their MagicBand to the My Disney Experience app. 

Visitors with a Disney resort reservation can purchase MagicBand at their hotel and will automatically have their profiles linked to their bands. 

Guests who purchase their MagicBand at a Disney World retail location will link their profile manually through the app. 

Once the band connects to a guest’s profile, it will serve as their key to the park. 

By linking to resort reservations, admissions purchases, and payment methods, the band acts as a hotel key, park ticket, credit card, and general form of ID. 

Guests wearing one of these nifty little bracelets won’t need to keep track of paper tickets or ever have to pull out their wallets or phones.

Are MagicBands Waterproof?

Pink Disney Magicband on a white table

MagicBands and MagicBands+ are 100% waterproof. 

Thanks to MagicBands’ careful design, visitors can wear them in a pool, while showering or washing their hands, on water-themed rides, and even during inclement weather.

Because these are hands-free devices that keep you connected to everything you’ll need inside the parks, you’ll never have to worry about ruining paper passes or having to grab your wallet or phone if you or your hands are wet.


MagicBands make visiting Disney World easy by storing guests’ information in one convenient place – on their wrists. 

The bands connect to the wearer’s My Disney Experience account, allowing them to use the watch-like device to enter the park, pay for meals, tap into rides, and much more. 

Considering most parkgoers wear MagicBands non-stop during their visit, it’s good to know they’re waterproof.

Whether going down Splash Mountain, jumping in the resort pool, or just taking a shower, you can worry less and enjoy more, knowing your MagicBand will be just fine.