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How Do Disney Characters See Out of Their Costumes?

While playing a Disney Character and wearing fun costumes all day may seem like a nice job to have, there are some challenges that come with it. 

Cast Members who wear these costumes are often hot, struggle to see and move around, and have to wear them in all kinds of weather and situations. 

Most costumes have holes that allow Cast Members to see. These holes are usually small and aren’t very noticeable. Because the costumes are designed to make the characters look larger than normal people, the holes are not usually located in the eyes of the mask.

Many of these costumes are also large, bulky, and restrictive, making it a challenge for the Cast Members inside.

Do Cast Members Lead Disney Characters Around When They Can’t See?

People in costumes based on Toy Story characters performing at a parade

Yes, when a Cast Member inside a costume cannot see out of it properly, they may have another Cast Member assigned to them to help them navigate the park. 

This buddy system ensures the safety of park guests and the safety of Cast Members in costume. 

The costumes can be very hot and bulky, and even the ones that offer larger eye holes can still be difficult to move in. 

Often other Cast Members are there to help the costumed character if they need assistance maneuvering inside the costume.

Are Some Disney Character Costumes Easier To See Out Of Than Others?

Two women dressed as Disney characters performing in front of a castle

Some character costumes are easier to see out of than others. 

Costumes that do not have large bulky heads provide much better vision. 

Many of the costumes have mesh areas that allow the Cast Members to see, but they are small and can make the vision blurry or distorted. 

Many characters who can’t see out of their costumes have other Cast Members who help them navigate the park, locate the guests who are talking to them, or pose properly for photos. 

The Cast Members can even help them grip the pens so they can sign autograph books. 

Are Disney Character Costumes Hard To Breath In?

Character costumes are ventilated, but many Cast Members still say they are hard to breathe in. 

The costumes are also hot inside, and they can be heavy and hard to lug around. 

The ventilation areas are usually small (so they aren’t easily seen), so there is very little air movement inside the costumes. 

It’s why costumed characters at Disney take so many breaks, even when the lines for photos and autographs are long.

Do Disney Characters Choose Their Costumes?

Person in a Stormtrooper costume greeting the person holding the camera

Some Disney characters do get to choose their costumes or the characters they play, while others just play various characters. 

Most costumed Cast Members begin as covered characters, so you cannot see their faces. 

They may spend several weeks working as a covered character before their managers decide if they can play a character with an open face. 

There are also height and weight restrictions for different roles, so Cast Members are assigned to a character based on their size and personality.

How Often Do Disney Characters Change Their Costumes?

Most characters work eight-hour shifts and will wear their costume for the majority of that shift.

Some Disney characters wear costumes for their full shifts, and shifts vary by role. 

Because it can be very hot inside the costumes, they get plenty of breaks and opportunities to remove the outfits and cool down. 

The characters can signal to their companions if they need a break, and they will be helped to the nearest changing station. 

What Happens If A Disney Character Falls In Their Costume?

Four people dressed up as Disney characters performing at Disneyland

When a character falls, they are trained to get up as soon as possible without breaking character. 

Costumed characters who have restrictive costumes always have another Cast Member with them to assist them in situations exactly like this.

If a character falls in the park, it can be dangerous for the Cast Member inside the suit and scary for the children watching. 

If a character falls and is injured or cannot get back up on their own, they can signal for immediate help. 

They will be escorted out of sight so their injuries can be assessed, and another Cast Member wearing the costume will go out in their place.

Do Disney Cast Members Get To Take Their Costumes Home?

Disney Cast Members do not take their costumes home or keep them. 

All costumes are kept in a giant fitting room and inventoried every night when the park closes. 

There are over 15,000 costumes kept in the fitting room, and every employee is assigned a specific outfit and section where it must go when they remove it. 

This system ensures that Cast Members get the correct costume each day and that the costumes are stored and inventoried properly. 

Cast Members should not take someone else’s costume, and if a costume goes missing, it’s traced back to the person who wore it last.


The Disney Cast Members who perform as the characters we know and love sometimes have trouble seeing out of their costumes. 

The costumes are designed with mesh areas for Cast Members to see out of, but these areas are small so they don’t stand out. 

This design makes the costume appear more realistic. 

Costumes that are particularly hard to see out of are the ones that are big and bulky. 

These characters are usually assigned another Cast Member who escorts them around the park and helps them navigate and meet with guests. 

Rest assured that costumed characters get plenty of breaks throughout the day to cool off and rest in between their appearances.