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Which Disneyland Hotel Is Cheapest? (Updated 2023)

Staying on-site at Disneyland can cost you quite a bit more than the average Motel 6. 

Thus, many people want to know which Disneyland hotel charges the least amount of money. 

Under normal circumstances, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel is the cheapest on-site Disneyland hotel. A one-night stay at Paradise Pier will set you back $210 to $350 on average. Meanwhile, Disneyland Hotel costs $300-$410 per night, and the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa costs $475-$980. 

Which On-Site Disneyland Hotel Is the Cheapest?

Neon hotel sign at night

In the vast majority of cases, Disneyland’s Paradise Pier Hotel is the cheapest option if you want to stay at the resort. 

Usually, you will pay between $210 and $350 for a one-night stay at this Disney hotel. 

Disneyland’s Paradise Pier Hotel 

Now that you know that Paradise Pier is the cheapest let’s take a look at this hotel so that you can decide if it is the best for you. 

The Hotel Rooms at Paradise Pier 

Disneyland’s Paradise Pier Hotel aims to mimic the famous Southern California beachfront properties of the 1920s. 

So, of course, each room has a beach and surf theme that reminds guests of the glamor of California’s pre-Golden Age. 

And you’ll never forget you are staying in a Disney hotel because each room comes with pieces of Disney-inspired artwork. 

Amenities at Paradise Pier 

Two children in a pool riding colorful pool floats

In typical Disney fashion, there is plenty to experience at the Paradise Pier Hotel. 

The favorite among guests, though, are all of the pools and water activities that this hotel offers. 

With roof-top pools and exhilarating water slides, you and your family can have tons of fun without even having to leave the hotel’s grounds. 

Or, for those more interested in relaxation, take a short walk to the Tenaya Stone Spa at the Grand Californian. 

All Paradise Pier guests have access to this remarkable spa, where you can enjoy massages, body treatments, and salon services. 

And, just like everyone who stays at an on-site hotel, you will get a Key to the Magic card, which makes it easy to charge purchases you make throughout the resort back to your hotel room. 

Finally, Paradise Pier has multiple event spaces, including the Pacific Ballroom, breakout rooms, and a pool-side event area. 

Restaurants at Paradise Pier 

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel has three on-site dining options: the Self-Service Market, the Surfside Lounge, and The Sand Bar. 

The Self-Service Market is your best bet if you want to grab a quick bite or have a picky eater in your group because everyone can serve themselves. 

Or similarly, another fast and easy dining option at Paradise Pier is the Surfside Lounge. 

Here, you can eat a light meal while sipping on a delicious cocktail. 

You can also try out The Sand Bar, which is Paradise Pier’s new rooftop restaurant. 

When you dine at this California-inspired eatery, you will find yourself encapsulated in the beauty of your view and the gorgeous decor of this delightful little bar. 

You can even sometimes catch a fireworks show while you enjoy your food. 

Shopping at Paradise Pier 

Paradise Pier has one store in the hotel: Mickey in Paradise. 

Mickey in Paradise offers all the essentials you’ll need for your vacation, such as sunscreen, but it also sells plenty of Disney and California souvenirs. 

Entertainment at Paradise Pier 

At Paradise Pier, you can take the little ones to the Paradise Theater, where they can watch classic Disney movies while surrounded by beach-themed decor. 

And the films run 24/7, so you can visit whenever you want. 

Fitness at Paradise Pier 

There’s no need to worry about breaking your workout routine when you stay at Paradise Pier. 

The hotel offers a fitness center on the second floor, where guests can use exercise equipment, such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, weights, stair climbers, and ellipticals. 

Or, if you want to attempt something new or just like group exercise, you can always try one of the center’s classes, which include yoga, meditation, strength training, and aerobics. 

Where Is the Paradise Pier Hotel?

You can find the Paradise Pier Hotel on Disneyland Drive, a short walk from the Disneyland Hotel and Downtown Disney. 

Is Paradise Pier as Good as the Other Disneyland Hotels?

Sign of the Disneyland Hotel in California

Some people consider Paradise Pier to be the least luxurious hotel on the Disneyland property. 

And honestly, if you want a lavish stay, the Grand Californian is much more grandiose and more akin to other five-star hotels. 

However, when you compare Paradise Pier Hotel and Disneyland Hotel, you’ll find that they aren’t that different. 

Yes, Disneyland Hotel does have a few more shopping and dining options. 

Disneyland Hotel is also a little bit closer to Downtown Disney and the park entrances than Paradise Pier. 

But, other than that, there really isn’t much of a difference between the two. 

When Are Disneyland Hotels the Cheapest?

Page of a calendar showing the month of September

How much you will pay for your Disneyland hotel room depends on several factors, but demand is typically the number one determinant when it comes to price. 

So, if you want your best chance of getting a cheaper hotel stay, you want to book at the times of the year when the park is the least crowded. 

And normally, the number of people visiting Disneyland at any given time depends on the school calendar. 

Basically, you will usually find the largest crowds and, thus, the most expensive hotel stays when kids are off of school. 

Thus, if you’re worried about budgeting, you don’t want to visit Disneyland during summer vacation, Christmastime, or Spring Break. 

Instead, if you want the lowest rates possible, you should aim for the very beginning and end of the school year. 

I’m talking about the first few weeks that most US kids are back in school, in the last week of August and early September. 

Or, you can plan your trip for just before school lets out for the summer in late April and early May. 


The vast majority of the time, Paradise Pier will be the cheapest on-site Disneyland hotel. 

And luckily, it isn’t too much different than the Disneyland Hotel. 

Yet, if you really want an opulent stay, you’ll need to choose the Grand Californian, even though this hotel is by far the most expensive.