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Can You Bring Food Into SeaWorld San Diego?

Filling up on good food is essential when visiting SeaWorld San Diego.

Guests will certainly need a bite to eat between seeing amazing sea creatures, riding creative coasters, and strolling through various shops.

While bringing in food from home may seem convenient, it’s not always allowed at certain theme parks.

Outside food, beverages, and coolers are not allowed inside SeaWorld San Diego; however, there are exceptions for guests with special dietary needs (such as food allergies) or visitors with infants who need baby food or formula. Refillable water bottles are also allowed and can be refilled at designated water fountains.

This article covers the outside food rules at SeaWorld San Diego, the theme park’s on-site dining options, and whether SeaWorld San Diego accommodates special dietary needs.

What Types of Food Can I Bring To SeaWorld San Diego?

A muffin in a yellow lunch box on the wooden table.

Most outside food or beverages are prohibited inside SeaWorld San Diego, nor can guests bring coolers or other cold storage items.

However, SeaWorld understands some visitors have certain dietary needs, such as food allergies.

Any parkgoers with dietary requirements should reach out to Park Security or Guest Relations when they arrive – these offices are responsible for approving special food items.

Guests traveling with babies can also bring baby food or formula into the park.

Some park guests have successfully brought in small single-serve snacks for those peckish moments between attractions. 

However, visitors should be aware that security has the authority to confiscate any snacks or items that violate park rules. 

While outside food and drinks are generally prohibited, SeaWorld permits refillable water bottles, and convenient water bottle-filling stations are available throughout the park.

What Are the Dining Options at SeaWorld San Diego?

SeaWorld San Diego offers their guests a wide range of dining options, including restaurants and exclusive culinary experiences.

SeaWorld San Diego’s Restaurants

SeaWorld’s array of delicious eateries includes:

These options provide a diverse selection of food that will please even the pickiest eaters.

Guests can crunch on crispy chicken sandwiches from The Chicken Snack Shack, grab healthy grub from Discoveries Fresh Market, or have hearty burritos from Hibisco Modern Mexico.

SeaWorld San Diego’s Dining Experiences

Two distinct dining experiences are offered at SeaWorld San Diego: the All-Day Dining Deal and the Dine With Orcas attraction.

All-Day Dining Deal at SeaWorld San Diego

This dining experience allows guests to eat and drink once every hour throughout the day. 

There are six restaurants currently participating in this exclusive deal:

  • Calypso Bay BBQ Smokehouse
  • Explorer’s Café
  • Hibisco Modern Mexican
  • Manta Pizza
  • Shipwreck Reef Café
  • The Chicken Snack Shack

Guests must wear their wristbands at all times to redeem the deal.

These bands cost $49.99 per adult (ages 10+) and $24.99 per child (ages 3-9).

With this deal, adults can order one entrée platter, one side or dessert, and one regular-sized non-alcoholic beverage each hour. 

Likewise, children can order one kid’s meal every hour.

Dine With Orcas at SeaWorld San Diego

This dining experience allows guests to learn about all the unique qualities that orca whales possess. 

While observing these majestic creatures, parkgoers also get to indulge in a delectable buffet.

This experience costs $39.99 per adult (ages 10+), $29.99 per child (ages 3-9), and is free for children under three (3) years old.

For more information on dining experiences or to purchase tickets in advance, guests can visit SeaWorld’s official website or download their mobile app

Does SeaWorld San Diego Accommodate Dietary Needs?

Three lunch boxes with a variety of healthy food.

SeaWorld staff members are trained by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) to ensure they follow safe food practices and allergen management. 

When entering any food facility, guests with food allergies can ask for a supervisor who will provide a list of allergy-friendly options.

Placing an order with a supervisor also ensures no cross-contamination occurs, keeping guests healthy and satisfied with their meals.

Diners can also avoid the hassle by heading over to SeaWorld’s Calypso Bay BBQ Smokehouse.

Calypso Bay is SeaWorld’s Designated Allergen Friendly Location and provides plenty of options that cater to dietary restrictions.


Guests cannot bring outside food, beverages, or coolers into SeaWorld San Diego.

Exceptions are made for visitors with special dietary needs or guests who need to bring baby food or formula.

Refillable water bottles are also permitted and can be refilled at various stations throughout the park.

To fuel their day, guests can eat at various restaurants on-site or participate in exclusive dining experiences.

Safe on-site dining options are also available for guests with dietary restrictions.