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How To Get From Animal Kingdom To Magic Kingdom?

At 25,000 acres (10,117 hectares), the Walt Disney World property in Orlando, Florida, is massive, and all theme parks are very spread out. 

Thankfully, Disney has made it easy for guests to travel between their parks and resort hotels. 

The easiest way to get from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom is to take a Disney shuttle bus from outside the entrance of Animal Kingdom. Shuttles run every 15 to 20 minutes, and it takes approximately 20 mins to travel between the parks. Large signs indicate which bus runs to which park, helping to remove some of the guesswork. 

In this article, we’ll go over the best ways to get around Disney World and discuss whether it’s possible to visit Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on the same day. 

How Do Visitors Get Around Disney World?

Walt Disney World Monorail System at Disney World.

Disney World is a massive, sprawling resort, but the Disney Imagineers have made it relatively easy to get around without a personal vehicle.

The most efficient ways to travel throughout the property are via shuttle buses, monorails, the Disney Skyliner, and/or water transportation. 

That said, Magic Kingdom has always been difficult to get to because the park is separated from its own parking lots and the other parks.

In the past, the only way to get to Magic Kingdom was via the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) – guests had to start there, taking a ferryboat or the monorail to the entrance to the park. 

The Walt Disney World Monorail System is the most famous way to get between parks; however, it only runs between Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and the Ticket and Transportation Center. 

Parkgoers who wish to take the monorail from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom will have to take a bus to EPCOT or the TTC, which will add a lot of time (and effort) to the trip.

The most efficient way to get from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom is by taking a Disney Bus.

These shuttles take visitors from the other Disney parks directly to the entrance to Magic Kingdom. 

The buses run every 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the time of day, and take about 20 minutes to go between park entrances.

Disney Buses are complimentary for anyone with a valid park ticket, whether or not they stay at one of the resort hotels. 

Water transportation, including water taxis and ferryboats, is also available from specific locations; however, this transportation method has no direct routes from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom.

Guests who wish to use the ferry to Magic Kingdom will have to take a bus from Animal Kingdom and connect through the TTC. 

Guests can also drive their own vehicles from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom, although they will have to pay for a daily parking pass.

The Minnie Van service is another option for visitors who would rather have a private ride between parks. 

The service is provided through Lyft, features adorably themed vans, and drops guests off at the same stops the bus services use. 

Pricing for Minnie Vans can vary, so check out the Lyft app for details.

For additional information on how to get around Disney World, guests can speak to a Cast Member or use the My Disney Experience App.

Is It Possible to Visit Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in One Day?

Visiting more than one Disney World theme park in a single day is difficult, especially for first-time visitors. 

Disney parks are famous for amazing sights and fun things to do, each taking more than one day to experience fully. 

That being said, it is possible to do both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in a single day, though the visits will be rushed. 

If the only thing on the agenda is rides, it’s not too hard to do – Animal Kingdom has only nine rides, while Magic Kingdom has 23 (not including shows or other attractions). 

It would be possible to go to Animal Kingdom first thing in the morning, hit all of the rides, then head over to Magic Kingdom for those rides before catching a firework show. 

Unfortunately, that would cut out most of the fun from Animal Kingdom. 

Unlike a typical theme park, Animal Kingdom is a fully-accredited zoo with hundreds of animals to see and learn about. 

This plan would also cut out the amazing shows available at both parks. 

In the end, only doing rides may allow a person to visit both, but they would have to sacrifice most of the other things the parks offer. 

A better option would be to spend half the day at each park. 

Make an itinerary of all the major rides and attractions you would consider ‘can’t-miss’ and prioritize them. 

You’ll get to visit the biggest attractions, but this plan still cuts out a lot of content. 

Generally, it’s best not to visit both parks on the same day – it’s possible but not advised. 

Guests who visit each park individually have a much better experience.

How Much Time Should Guests Budget for Each Park?

It’s best to dedicate at least one full day to each Disney park, regardless of which one, especially for first-time visitors. 

The best vacation plan would be to budget at least two days for some parks. 

For example, Magic Kingdom takes more than a single day to fully experience, and the World Tour at EPCOT is a day to itself. 

Guests can easily visit Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios in a single day, as they have fewer rides than Magic Kingdom and fewer attractions than EPCOT.

Hollywood Studios has some amazing shows, but these can be spaced between rides and wait times, allowing visitors to see everything in a day. 

Animal Kingdom has less than ten rides but is also a full-fledged wildlife preserve. 

A full day allows guests to see the animals, take in 4D shows, and ride everything in the park at least once. 

In total, a first-timer’s Disney World vacation can take at least six days if they want to visit all the theme parks in one trip: two in Magic Kingdom, then maybe two at EPCOT, and a day each at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. 

Of course, individual guests have different tastes, so curating the perfect vacation can mean different itineraries. 

If you have a week at Disney World, research the attractions and dedicate more time to the ones that look the most exciting.


The only way to get from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom directly is to take a Disney Bus between the two parks. 

It takes about 20 minutes from gate to gate, and buses run every 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the time of day.

It’s also possible to drive between the parks, though visitors must park at the Ticket and Transportation hub before riding a ferryboat or monorail to the Magic Kingdom entrance.

Guests hoping to visit both parks in one day should do a little research, see which rides and attractions they’re most interested in, and prioritize those.

It’s difficult to visit Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom on the same day, but with a little planning, parkgoers can still have an amazing and memorable experience.