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How To Add Genie Plus To Your Disney Tickets?

Genie+ (Genie Plus) is the new service at Disneyland and Disney World that replaces the FastPass system and allows guests to access the Lightning Lanes and skip the lines at participating rides.

Disney recently released Genie+ as part of its Genie Service – an all-in-one mobile solution for itinerary planning, making dining reservations, viewing ride wait times, and more.

Guests who want to add Genie+ to their park tickets can easily do so using the apps available for each park. For Disney World in Florida, parkgoers can add Genie+ using the MyDisneyExperience app on the date of their visit. For Disneyland California, visitors can purchase Genie+ ahead of time through Disneyland.com or their travel agent or download the Disneyland app to add Genie+ on the day of their visit.

This article explains how to add Genie+ to an existing park reservation, how Genie+ and Lightning Lanes work at both Disney World and Disneyland, and discusses some pros and cons of using the feature.

What is Genie Plus, and How Do I Add it to My Disney Tickets?

Screenshot of the Disney World website showing the image for the Genie + service

Genie+ is the newest line-skipping feature from Disney that merges the old FastPass system with Disney’s mobile apps – the MyDisneyExperience app (for Walt Disney World in Florida) and the Disneyland app (for Disneyland California).

Disney has modernized many of its processes and built several helpful features into these park apps through its complimentary Genie Service.

Guests can do everything from finding trip details, viewing maps and attraction wait times, purchasing park tickets, making dining and attraction reservations, and tailoring their experience with add-ons like Genie+.

Like the FastPasses, Genie+ allows parkgoers to access the Lightning Lanes at participating rides and save time waiting in line.

As Genie+ is an additional service, it comes with a fee, and the cost can vary depending on which park you’re visiting and the date of your visit.

Currently, visitors to Disney World can only add Genie+ to their tickets on the day of their visit – it can’t be added ahead of time or when purchasing park passes, and guests with multi-day tickets will have to add Genie+ every morning.

Here are the steps to add Genie+ using the MyDisneyExperience App for Disney World:

  1. Open the MyDisneyExperience App and sign into your account.
  2. Tap the blue Disney Genie Service button.
  3. Once inside, tap on “View My Day.” This gives you access to your itinerary and the option to upgrade Genie Services.
  4. Locate and tap the “Get Genie+ For Today” button.
  5. Select all the members of your group using Genie+ for the day. You don’t have to add it to every ticket if some people don’t want to purchase it.
  6. Confirm your selections.
  7. Click purchase and wait for the confirmation window.
  8. Once confirmed, you can begin making Lightning Lane reservations for the day.

Disneyland California visitors can add Genie+ to their tickets before their visit, either using the official Disneyland website or through an authorized travel agent.

Parkgoers can add Genie+ to their entire trip ahead of time or add it one day at a time after their first day at the park.

When booking park passes to Disneyland, guests should have multiple ticket options, including the option to add Genie+.

If purchasing multi-day tickets, Genie+ will be added for every day of the visit.

Guests cannot remove the option after purchase and will not be refunded.

On the day of their visits, Disneyland guests who haven’t pre-purchased can add Genie+ using the Disneyland app by doing the following:

  1. Open the Disneyland app and sign into your account
  2. Click on the three lines at the bottom of the home page to open the welcome page.
  3. Select “My Genie Day”
  4. You’ll then see “Get Disney Genie+ for Today” in the middle of the page.
  5. You’ll then be able to add Genie+ to all eligible tickets.
  6. Once your purchase is confirmed, you can reserve your first Lightning Lane entrance.

Just note that the purchase of Genie+ at either Disneyland or Disney World is subject to availability.

How Do You Use Genie Plus?

Woman using her phone among a crowd outdoors

Using Genie+ for the Lightning Lanes at participating attractions is fairly straightforward.

Guests can make reservations for Lightning Lanes using the Tip Board in both park apps, and it’s organized alphabetically by ride, not available times.

Select the ride and time and click “Book Now.”

Make sure to select all the members of your group who want to join and then confirm the booking.

Typically, visitors can only make one ride selection at a time and will have to wait until after their reservation to book another.

If the return time is over two hours, guests can make another reservation 120 minutes after the first.

Just note that reservations are subject to availability, so confirm what’s possible within the applicable app.

Each reservation gives visitors a one-hour window to get to the attraction and check into the ride’s Lightning Lane.

Remember that only some rides are included with Genie+.

If a ride isn’t listed under Genie+, visitors may be able to skip the line by purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane reservation.

Is Genie Plus Worth It?

Multiple people in a circle holding Disneyland passes

The complimentary Genie Service is a great tool to enhance any visit to a Disney theme park.

It’s a great way to plan an itinerary, make various reservations, find your way around, view wait times, and more.

Guests also get exclusive access to audio stories that explain every inch of the park and can keep even the most fidgety rider entertained while waiting in lines.

As an add-on, Genie+ offers access to Lightning Lanes, and cutting a two-hour wait time down to thirty minutes can make a big difference to a day in the parks.

While it can be a worthwhile investment to cut down wait times, guests need to use it from the very beginning of the day to maximize its value.

Because it’s an additional upgrade for each ticket, Genie+ can be an expensive proposition for a group, and it doesn’t include the Individual Lightning Lane passes that can be purchased separately.

However, one of the good things about Genie+ is that it’s completely optional and doesn’t have to be added to every member of a group.

Overall, Genie+ is worth it if you’re trying to maximize your park time while minimizing your wait time for some of the most popular rides.

That said, even when using Genie+ to its full potential, expect to stand in line for most of the day.


Adding Genie+ to Disney tickets is incredibly easy.

On the day of your visit, log into your park app (either the Disneyland app or the MyDisneyExperience app for Disney World), select “View My Day” or “My Genie Day,” and look for “Get Disney Genie+ for Today.”

Select the members of your party adding the perk, confirm your selection, pay, and you’re done!

You can now reserve your first Lightning Lane entrance.

Guests visiting Disneyland can add Genie+ to their tickets before their visit, either using the official Disneyland website or through an authorized travel agent.

Disney World parkgoers can only add Genie+ to their reservations on the day of their visits to the park.